922-1731 Macs, Kapton Tape, 0.5 inch by 36 yards NB-1937W

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Apple part number: 922-1731

Compatible models: A1176-Early 2006-MA205LL/A, A1176-Early 2006-MA206LL/A-MA607LL/A, A1283-Early 2009-MB463LL/A-MB464LL/A, A1176-Late 2006-MA608LL/A, A1283-Late 2009-MC238LL/A, A1283-Late 2009-MC239LL/A, A1283-Late 2009-CTO, A1176-Mid 2007-MB138LL/A, A1176-Mid 2007-MB139LL/A, A1047-Early 2005-M9747LL/A-PCI, A1047-Early 2005-M9748LL/A-PCI X, A1047-Early 2005-M9749LL/A-PCI X, A1047-June 2004-M9454LL/A-PCI, A1047-June 2004-M9455LL/A-PCI X, A1047-June 2004-M9457LL/A-PCI X, A1177-Late 2005-M9590LL/A-PCI Express, A1117-Late 2005-M9591LL/A-PCI Express, A1117-Late 2005-M9592LL/A-PCI Express, DL SuperDrive-A1138-High Resolution, M9969LL/A

Compatible Mac info. : 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo 1.67GHz G4 15-inch PowerBook G4

922-1731 Macs, Kapton Tape, 0.5 inch by 36 yards


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